Who do I coach

“The coaching sessions were very helpful and came at a time when I really needed them as I was going through massive changes in my work/career. I found Milena to be an incredible listener allowing me to talk for long periods of time without losing focus on where my story was going. She was particularly good at summarising the essence of a situation into a few short sentences which allowed me to see the bigger picture. She gave me great support and confidence. Without this, I would have been doubting myself a lot more on this journey.”

Creative director, 30yrs old, Male

As we navigate our way through life, we are presented with challenges, decisions, the need to adapt, to feel inspired while maintaining our identity, confidence and feeling of self-worth.

When coaching through change, I like to focus on the following stages of one’s life:
It takes great courage and strong will to start your career or adjust to a new life-path. Lets face it, It isn’t easy.

You may need –

Some motivation,
Time for self-exploration,
A space to “unpack” and recharge
To find your balance
To breakthrough self doubt
Express what you want and need
To create a game plan
“I started with my coach, Milena, at 12 years of age in grade 7. A lot was going on. I was stressed about high school, I had a lot on my plate and every teenager’s nightmare, bullying. I started thinking negatively and had a negative self-talk. Milena was kind and loving and told me that I could trust her and whatever I said was between us. As I learnt more about myself, I started realising a growth in maturity within myself. Milena is a great coach.”

13-year-old high school student - girl

Can coaching your teenager help him or her find clarity and balance? Lets Talk
Whether your teen has just started school or is reaching the end of their school journey. They will be faced with challenges along the way.

I offer support that helps them to find solutions and promote successful outcomes in both academic and social aspects of their lives.

We work together to create a unique game plan that helps them:

• Improve and grow their relationships with their parents, friends & partners
• Understand the importance of effective communication, life balance and maintaining multiple perspectives
• Stay focused and motivated – What is their “Why?”
• Develop good work habits
• Manage self-doubt
• Build on self-compassion
• Establish a clear & stable sense of self

Within the coaching process, I encourage creative expression to connect with my clients. These visual aids help them to picture their path, make plans and find solutions. We get results.

Taking it one step further, I welcome the inclusion of parents during this process, which helps to create a supportive, collective, learning environment for my clients.

Parenting can be hard at the best of times. Knowing what to say and how to say it isn’t easy. Keeping the lines of communication open is important to build good relationships with our kids. They want to know that they are being heard. Listening is LOVE.

The coaching process supports you to:

• Understand your teen better by meeting them where they are at
• Learn how to build trust
• Find balance within your family
• Practice the skill of deep listening

“My coaching sessions with Milena helped me in many ways. She really listened, gave me the freedom to think, share and identify my way forward. It’s so nice to be heard and have some time for myself.”

Mom, 31 yrs old
Let's find your silver lining. If you feel that coaching through these changes can help you Lets Talk Lets Talk