I am an Integral Coaching Practitioner specialising in change. You may wonder, what does a life coach do and why would you want one?

Having a coach is like having a thinking partner who supports you as you navigate your way through life with all its ups and downs, challenges and victories.

The coaching process helps you to identify your goals and execute actionable plans to achieve them. This personal process helps you to realise your goals, personal objectives and life's transitions.

My unique coaching style uses the forces of creativity to initiate new and imaginative ideas and turn them into reality. Creativity is characterised by the ability to perceive the world in new ways, to find hidden themes and patterns, and to make connections with seemingly unrelated phenomena.

Coaching and Creativity involves two processes, Thinking and Producing.
Together, we generate solutions.

Searching for meaning and clarity in your path ahead. Understanding your teens and supporting them to find balance in their lives. The transition from Primary school into High school and the years that follow.

The Youth / Teens Moms, Dads & Guardians Young Adults Read more As a change coach, I focus on specific stages of life. Read more Read more

Do you feel like you have lost your balance and your perspective on life? Would you like to find clarity and ease? Lets Talk We are all faced with change at some point. When I think of change, I feel a little afraid and excited. Change often brings about uncertainty and risk but also chance and hope. Change means "to become different" and no matter how you look at it, different can be scary. Our lives and minds are not cut out to handle change very well. We, instead tend to cherish routine and the expected, systems we understand and what is already known.
How do we adapt to change?