My Story

Adapting to change and constantly racing against the clock have always been my hardest challenges. From the pressures of working in the creative industry to trying to be the perfect mother and wife, I was constantly tested. While always putting others first, I slowly realised that I had lost sight of who I was and my purpose in life.

My journey towards my new way of being has been an amazing one. I have learnt to slow down, let go of control and empower others to become independent.

As a mother of 2 teenagers, I have witnessed first-hand the pressures that they are faced with today, in all aspects of their daily lives.

When my daughter fell ill due to her life-changing experience starting high school, it re-inforced my belief that particularly in this day and age, coaching the youth through their transitional phase from primary school into high school and the years that follow is essential to create a grounded, confident and less anxious adult.

This is where my passion began – coaching the youth.
Successfully achieving my Diploma as an Integral Coaching Practitioner (ICP) was a great accomplishment. With this experience, came many lessons about self and the part I play in my family and society. Its never too late to learn and grow.

My life experiences, studies, strong moral values and beliefs have helped me move forward towards my new way of being with consciousness, true presence and gratitude. As my journey continues, I’m committed to support and guide others in need as they go through change.
- Lalah Deliah "She remembered who she was and the game changed"